Hello, We are Big Drop

Globeflight Kenya brings you Big Drop, a solution for online vendors to Sell More! Do you have an online shop or are you selling online? Is storage and delivery getting too hectic?Focus on selling and let Big Drop Pick, Pack, Store and Deliver for you.

Businesses transitioning to E-commerce encounter multiple and complex challenges hindering their ability to achieve full e- commerce potential. Warehousing , speedy delivery , neat packaging presentation.

Therefore, there is a significant and urgent need for tailor-made end-to-end solutions for the region to help businesses launch, drive, sustain and fulfil online sales.

Globeflight Kenya is equipped and certified to handle your End-End Process. We ship, clear, warehouse collect,handle E-Fulfillment and deliver to your clients .

WIth our Big Drop E-Order Fulfillment, we are your one stop shop!


Our Market

Acquisition Strategy

1. Cold Calling existing database of vendors
2. Referrals and Welcome Discounts Free Training sessions,
3. Digital Marketing & partnerships referrals from E-commerce partners
4. Dedicated Sales Team
5. Self-Sign ups


1. Ready to assist Customer experience team
2. Long Term subscription discounts
3. Assigned KAM to manage sales and long tail vendors

Online Sellers

Facebook sellers, Instagram , Tiktok sellers or Large enterprises who want to initiate e- commerce or have initiated it but are facing challenges


Training on our back end ERP usage Dedicated Onboarding Experts

Our Process

Your Client Places An Order

You Receive & Hand Over Order To Big Drop (WMS/Whatsapp/ Call)

We Receive & Create Purchase Order (P.O)

Picker Gets P.O & Picks

Packing & Order Zoning

First Call To Client By Rider

Delivery To Your Client

System Updated To Show Delivery Confirmation