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Globe Flight Solution

There has been a shift in the global market causing an upsurge of the international trade in Kenya. The demand has been created by business people and individuals seeking Affordable and Efficient import solutions. Globe flight remains in tune with the market and thus understands this, we value your business above all else. No matter what size or capacity, we are here to find solutions for you!

Our team provides total service coverage through our air and sea transport logistics. We not only monitor the freight movement of your product, but also handle customs clearance and tariff classification, coordinating pick-up and delivery. This is coordinated by our experienced in-house team.

During clearance of freights and cargo, imports into Kenya undergo a lot of ‘red tape’ or stages of authorization when they arrive at Kenyan Customs and Kenya Port Authority. However, due to the good relationships we have built and engagements we have over the years with the bodies we have mentioned, we are able to ensure the smooth running of our operations and in turn yours.

After clearance, Globe Flight Offers vast experience Warehousing and provide advanced storage solutions and unmatched quality control for your goods. Our services are tailor-made to fit the needs of our customers and their businesses in a reliable, efficient and productive fashion while the safety of your investments and assets.

We pride ourselves in supporting businesses in expanding their reach into new markets through straightforward, safe, convenient distribution networks and intermediaries. That is why we created BIG DROP SOLUTION.

When you choose Globe Flight warehouses, we also provide an avenue to market your products while they are still in the warehouse in three simple steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Create a seller/vendor account
  3. Add your products on our ecommerce platform and sell online.

Our Globe Flight Big Drop team will help with the logistics of fulfilling your order as your products are already available in our warehouse.


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