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Vitron TVs

Vitron Smart TVs Kenya

Vitron TVs in Kenya

Is vitron TV of good quality?

Vitron TVs have a full and rich sound. This is because the television supports Dolby that overhead sound. For the cinematic experience, you can enhance the sound with external sound bars.

For both the HDR and SDR content, Vitron delivers quality color. Both it’s HDR and SDR brightness is high and incredibly good for streaming and watching music, TV shows, and movies even in a dark room.

LED pixels produce their own light and don’t use edge light or backlight at any single point. This is the case with all Vitron TVs. The contrast is good, have rich colors and the screen is brighter.

All the Vitron TVs have all the essential ports. You have USB, HDMI, RF, AV in/out, and a Headphone jack. All these will enable you to connect to various electronics in the house. For example, a Sub-woofer and/or home theater can be connected.

In addition, if you want, you can also have a DVD player, DSTV, GoTV, or Bamba decoder connected.

Most of the Vitron TVs on Sale in Kenya, come with a Digital receiver. With the in-built feature, you don’t have to spend extra cash to buy an external decoder. Therefore, you get to enjoy many selections of free-to-air channels in the future.

Is vitron TV made in Kenya?

Vitron TVs come from India. They are manufactured by Vitron Television Private Limited with its headquarters located in Mumbai, India. Apart from TVs, The Company also manufactures radio transmitters and line telegraphy equipment.

Is vitron TV a Smart TV?

Although not all, Some Vitron TV models in Kenya come with Smart TV functionality. With these, you can stream your favorite channels or rather programs online at your comfort. You can also download other apps from Google Play Store. If your Vitron TV is not smart, you can easily add an external smart device like Roku to enable this feature.

Is vitron Smart TV free to air?

To be able to watch free channels on your smart TV, you need a High Definition Digital TV Antenna. You can also use your old analog antenna, but you may expect signal problems.

It would be to your benefit to use a Digital TV antenna instead in order to watch free-to-air channels on your Smart Tv. Otherwise, you will be able to connect the TV to your cable plan and network that is already present in your home.

Vitron TV Problems

1.  No picture on the screen

You may encounter a Vitron TV that will go blank, and nothing seems to return the display. 

Even a quick reboot won’t fix things.

If this happens to you, chances are the power supply of your Vitron TV has a damaged component.

  • Often, the damage in the power supply is rooted in a damaged capacitor, which usually happens during power surges.
  • Now, if the damage has been done, it’s best to have a qualified technician look at your TV. It’s most likely to have a damaged capacitor, which often looks bloated or leaking.
  • A quick replacement of the capacitor will be able to restore your TV to top shape.

2. Vitron TV does not connect to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity is another common issue for smart TV users. But don’t be too alarmed, as a lot of the factors that contribute to a lack of connectivity are easily fixed.

The help you diagnose the problem, the first thing you need to check is where the problem is. Is it with the TV or the Wi-fi router?

To test whether the TV or Wi-Fi router is at fault, you should check if other devices can connect to your network. Should you be able to stream, it means that the issue is most likely with the TV and hence the need to contact customer care.

3. The image on the screen is stretched or distorted

You may notice that the image on your Vitron TV does not seem right. It may look stretched, cropped, or squashed. Should that be the case, it’s most likely that your TV has the wrong picture settings.

You are probably using the wrong picture settings for the media or accidentally switching the settings. Or, in some cases, the TV has cropped the frame to fit. You can fix this by looking at the options that pertain to Zoom, Stretch, and or Resolution (such as 16:9 or 4:3). You will then have to adjust these settings to get the framing correct.

Vitron TV customer care

For Enquiries/ complaints about Vitron tv, you can call them at (+254 745 317 707), or send them an email via (


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